Do This 60 Seconds Dental Trick To Rebuild Your Teeth

My name is Thomas Spear and one year ago, I nearly overdosed on a tooth It fell as I was sleeping…

I was the only one in my dark bedroom…
There is no one on earth to assist to help me…
In vain, trying to breathe air, again and repeatedly…
until it was… someone somewhere must have truly loved me…
My cough was a bit sour… My blood splattered all across the pillows and sheets…
One tooth…
I never in a millennium could have imagined that this was even feasible…
It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced of my experience in my…
It was that exact terrifying moment that took me on a totally unexpected trip that opened my eye to unwholesome and harmful practices in dentistry…
It helped me understand what’s actually happening in the body when gums have started being swollen…
Then eventually, I came in the direction of an entirely affordable and natural procedure that allows to easily rejuvenate all of the gums in your mouth…
Super-cementing your teeth, no regardless of how advanced your tooth decay…
In the next 5 minutes, I’ll explain the reasons…

Gum decay, tooth decay, or bad breath have nothing in common with the quality of your oral hygiene.

On the other hand, predatory bacteria are buried in your gums, taking over your gums and propagating
Like a scourge to your nose, throat, and the airways…

No matter what your doctor has to say no amount of the most powerful cleaning products can be effective.
take action to eliminate and kill the bacteria that have been in your
mouth, even if your teeth appear to be fine…

Once you figure out the best way to go regarding it, not only do you have the ability to eradicate it
of bleeding gums, bad breath, and bad breath for all time…

You’ll never be forced to visit a dentist again for a terrifying procedure…

This solution is easy you can apply it today in your home right now.
in less than 60 seconds…

So powerful, in fact, in its effectiveness that has it been scientifically proven to work regardless of age,
Medical issue or the degree of teeth loss…

Without having to spend one cent for endless dental treatments, risky
Chemical-based drugs that are chemically laden… difficult tartar removal risky surgery or implants.

In actual fact, this low-cost method is absolutely incredible…

It did not just create shockwaves throughout healthcare institutions…

However, many dentists see it as a magical key to unlocking gum and tooth rejuvenation…

Yes, I realize how amazing this is… particularly in the case of tooth decay.
and horrible pain when you think that there is no escape…

Even the dentist who has crushed your expectations by stating”it’s too late” or “it’s too late”, that doesn’t mean you’re not bound.
to dump all the money you have saved on implant and teeth reconstruction…

It’s essential that you stay with me until the conclusion of my story because it will be over in a matter of minutes…

Soon, you’ll be able to keep your smile and smile confidently once more.


No more throbbing No more inflammation gums, bleeding gums, or smelly mouth…

Don’t risk getting serious infections or suffocating your body with medicines hoping to feel the vibrating
tooth pain will end for a fraction of a second…

Never have you covered up your mouth, or been ashamed…

Instead of eating whatever you like at any time, you’d like…

Smiling, talking, and taking pleasure in showing off your gorgeous whites…

Being capable of kissing your wife or children without having them turn the other way…

Never again going to the dental office.

As 57,000 people did. People who like…

Here’s what Nicolas C.J. 45 y.o. says:

From Glendale, Arizona

“I am always taking good care of my teeth but didn’t know why my gums were turning red swelling and receding.
My dentist suggested tartar removal. It was a nightmare, and it still hurts whenever I think about that scaler digging beneath my gums.
It was not helping at all, and one tooth became loose.
Wasn’t convinced by your method, but decided to try it anyway, because
I was in desperate need of help. My gums are like they’ve been regrowing.
My teeth appear to be whiter as well. Thank you for this.
I will never go back to the doctor! “

Here’s what Kimberly M. 51 y.o. says:

From Chicago, Illinois

“Thomas, God bless you I was ill with anxiety about the condition of my dental teeth. I was vomiting blood each time I cleaned as one of my teeth appeared to have moved. I’m a terrible dentist and I definitely did not
Have money to purchase an implant. Everything is in order,
Gums are healthy and clean There are no loose teeth. “

These are only two real-life stories of people like you who have employed the method I’m going to show you.

  • Here’s all the information on how it works in one second:

Before I start I’d like to be aware of my identity…

My unique discovery has changed the face of dentistry upside down while saving thousands of patients the agony and expense of having implants and ill-fated dental procedures…

As you may know that I’m Thomas Spear.

I’m 52 years old. I reside in a tiny town close to San Francisco, California, with my wife, Hannah.

I’ve been a Chemistry teacher for the last 30 years. In the past five years, after my wife was forced to retire earlier because of an accident, I’ve also been employed as a taxi driver.

Life has never been simple for me, but I’m not complaining.

In reality, as you’re about to discover If it weren’t due to my two jobs, I’d never have come across the revolutionary solution that is currently changing the lives of millions of individuals…

After obtaining an additional job in taxi service I was working longer hours, particularly at night and consuming sweets and coffee in order to keep me awake or have the energy to carry on.

At first, I would keep the toothbrush inside my glove box to clean my teeth at gas stations, but after a few days, I found myself exhausted enough for this.

A few months later, my gums started bleeding…

The first time I saw it, the toothpaste I spit into turned slightly yellow…

Each when I went to brush my teeth, my mouth spit out blood into the bathroom sink.

There’s nothing to worry about I thought to myself I have other things to be concerned about.

A tiny amount of bleeding caused by brushing is not uncommon for anyone,
There’s nothing to be concerned about, is it?

Untrue, spitting sweat after brushing your teeth is incorrect…

It’s factual that it occurs to more people than you realize…

An astounding 56 percent of Americans suffer from a form or other of gum disease…

However, this doesn’t make the matter any less important…

In this report the reasons why you shouldn’t ignore this warning.

And, shortly after it was revealed that something embarrassing had happened.

In school, other teachers were always turning their heads away while I was speaking to them…

or just stepped away to maintain the distance…

And at one point I’ve also heard some classmates telling my name “Beetlejuice”

If you’re not sure who this is…well it’s a film character with disgusting, rotten teeth…

When I heard them… I just wish the ground would break open and absorb me.

In the bathroom, I went and gazed at my own teeth through the mirror.

Yellow-colored, with swollen and red gums. And as difficult for me to accept…

My breath was constantly driving everyone away.

That’s why Hannah was unable to kiss me or hug me.

What really hurt the most, was when I tried to bring my granddaughter, Sarah, into my arms, and she began crying:

“I don’t wanna! You make me vomit! “

But the worst was yet to come.


Terrible, never-ending, pulsating pain, even after popping painkillers like Tic-Tacs.

I was always at a loss for words.

Always exhausted.

Did not want to speak to anyone whenever I could.

In addition to that my upper left molar was moving.

It was as if it were one of those dreams where, as you’re aware, your teeth were falling…only it really happened…

My wife would always beg me to see the dentist.

On one hand, I knew she was right. On the other side…I put off eating …. as well as eating only on the left side.

Let me tell you, I’m a 6-foot taller man, and I can tell the way this sounds…

However, I’d rather cuddle a venomous, hairy gigantic tarantula rather than visit the dentist.

I feel cold shivers run up my spine every time I think about this…

The horrible smells, the heart-wrenching instruments.


The horrible night arrived.

Hannah was taking care of our daughter, so she stayed the night at the house of our son.

I was on a shift that was free so I was glad to go to bed and finally fall asleep…

Everything appeared to be right My gums didn’t seem to be swelling and I went to sleep with a glimmer of the possibility of…

…And was brutally awakened.

I’ll never forget the date: 12:47.

The air was choking and I couldn’t breathe I was unable to breathe and didn’t know what was in my throat.

Uncontrollably staring at that clock in the evening stand…

It was a minute that seemed like an eternity: from 12:47 until 12:48.

Then you’ll cough to eliminate everything blood…and the molars.

I felt nauseated as I saw the chaos.

I was sick to my stomach and I thought I was going to die from eating a tooth during my sleep.

The next day my cheek was swelling.

After hearing about everything that was happening to me, and seeing how I appeared, Hannah was worried sick.

Then, I realized I was forced to take the plunge: I needed to go to the dentist.

My heart was beating out of my chest as I walked into the cabinet.

After a quick glance at my mouth and my x-ray…

The dentist told me two alarming new pieces of information…

Please be patient, particularly those who have dealt with bleeding gums…

One. My gums were so damaged that I’d gone through gingivitis right on the spot and ended up in the risky area of periodontitis.

Periodontitis disease is an advanced type of gum disease that begins
that causes the result of inflammation that causes inflammation bleeding…and eventually causes your gums to pull back with bleeding and inflammation, causing your teeth
to fall, as well as to fall, bad dental decay, and bad breath.

In addition, gum disease and periodontitis are connected to Respiratory infections, kidney diseases, and even deadly oral diseases.

It’s because- as you’re about to discover that it transforms your mouth into the perfect place where harmful bacteria can flourish within…

What did I do? The doctor explained it…

Here’s what it would cost to “fix” your gums when you visit the dentist, and what you can expect from must be…

Gum Grafts … approximately 600 dollars for each gum, there’s but there is no guarantee that it will work. When your gums have been badly damaged, it could cost you several thousand dollars.

Root canals and fillings in order to “save” the teeth that were already damaged, at costs that range from $500-$2000- this is a huge amount of money for many painful experiences If you want to ask me!

Then, there’s the surgery that “strengthens the gums” or according to medical terminology, “pocket elimination surgery” It costs about $6,000…

Or – my personal favorite takes out the teeth that aren’t as good and then replaces them with implant-supported teeth.

If I thought an implant would cost $4500 Best case scenario- and, as per my doctor, I required at least 4 implants, I might have traded one of my kidneys!

The list doesn’t end here… regardless of the procedure for your teeth, you pick for your torture…

You’ll be required to pay for…maintenance that can run up to $100 for each session.

Simply put the truth is that it’s an expensive, long treatment that was painful and expensive that promised nothing but a non-existent solution…and I guarantee you that doctors cannot ever promise you that one of those treatments would be effective.

It’s all just a game of chance. It’s only your money, time, and health at stake.
For instance…

Do you realize that you’ll have to wait for one year and a half before you determine if the dental implant has been successful as well?

Implants typically are a two-step process: firstly, implanting the implant and then waiting for the wound to heal and then covering the implant with a crown six to three months later…

If 1 year passes without infection or other issues, can you take a deep breath with happiness…

If this list of depressing facts was not enough, my dentist dropped another bomb on my head…

I required surgery.

The reason for this is that my damaged tooth had a broken root. A portion of the root was still lodged in my gums, creating an infection.

We had to eliminate the remaining pieces and do it fast to stop the infection before it was likely to get worse.

The doctor told me that a tooth-related infection could “invade” your brain in just a few hours, and cause severe complications, even death.

Why? Because every one of your teeth is connected to your brain by tiny nerves.

The infection may spread through the teeth to the nose…to the eyes…and ultimately , to the brain.

Here’s how you can tell when your infection is serious enough to require urgent medical attention

(1 trick I learned from my doctor)

If you are experiencing confusion as well as headaches and fever you should visit the hospital immediately.

Regarding my procedure, I’ll not give you any specifics.

Let’s face it, getting prickly by a needle of anesthetic size within your gums 5 times in succession and afterward being smacked for an hour isn’t something you would like to be remembered.

The most shocking thing was that even after the anesthetic from the surgery had gone…

I could not feel my chin, and my mouth seemed a bit unbalanced.

It took me about a month to recover and restore the feeling on my face that was numb.

While I was there, I did lots of research on the internet to see whether any other people had been in the same situation…

In addition to the one good piece of advice I’ve read… take B vitamins to aid in facial nerve healing And pray to God…

I came across an article that shocked me to the center.

Dental surgeries and proceduresImplants included, may result in a disfigured appearance.

So why do they ask you to fill out a ton of consent forms prior to implant!

Anything that will protect their backs in the event there is a problem…

Thus, I might think of myself as “a fortunate case”.

After all that things, there was one thing that was certain I wouldn’t go ever back to my dentist!

I began using a specific toothpaste for gum disease I had no luck…

I was scared of chewing constantly making sure to check my teeth using my tongue to determine whether everything was fine…

I began eating soups and potatoes that I mashed…

It was a while before it occurred again:

My front tooth moved.

The next night, I was unable to sleep. I was terrified to death. and enraged by thoughts.

I was a mature man eating baby food on the verge of losing his front teeth, but with no funds for implants and the risk of contracting life-threatening illnesses.

This is when I made the initiative to decide to take this issue on my own and figure out a solution I could manage. To the end of this earth, if needed. I can’t imagine living as long.

So I took a few days away from teaching…which honestly, was an immense relief, as I was embarrassed by my bleeding gums and bad breath to show my students…

Then I started spending my time in the largest libraries that I could find in San Francisco, searching every corner…

It wasn’t simple… It was a struggle. I don’t know what number of times I nearly quit…

It’s clear that there is a greater performance out there, considering that it’s just 3 weeks After a while, I finally discovered the thing that changed everything…

This would give me and 57,000 other people like you their healthy strong gums and teeth back.

Here’s what happens in your mouth when you suffer from gum diseases…

It all begins with these harmful bacteria
lurking deep inside your gums…

The bacteria are similar to small termites, which are constantly chewing on your gums and teeth which causes red and inflaming.

The bacteria could have come into your body through water, food, or by drinking or kissing someone else.

Over time the bacteria, together with food particles, grow and accumulate, forming the known as”calculus” and the plaque.

The calculus/plaque acts as an unhealthy mold that grows over your teeth’s walls which can cause bad breath, as well as giving the “excellent” home for the bacteria to thrive.

The majority of the time your body’s defense system can heal the swelling. However, there’s a downside to it: scars stay.

This means that following each episode of inflammation the gums recede.

In the end, they’re just too weak or loose to support your teeth.

And then another thing that is disturbing occurs…
(and you should get moving immediately)

The following numbers are nothing short of alarming, but the best part is that there’s a solution to each of them and you’ll be able to find it in the near future.

Based on research done at the University of Michigan…

It is estimated that there are twenty billion bacteria that live in your mouth. The bacteria reproduce every five hours. If you’ve gone all day without washing your teeth.

The 20 billion turn into 100 billion! Then, after they feed onto their gums…

They begin eating the ligaments which hold your teeth together and support the bones. Your teeth loosen…

The roots are fractured…

It’s only an issue of time before you’ll be dealing with infections, painful tooth decay, and throbbing pain.

If you think -like I did in the past that all you need do is “clean” your mouth of bacteria…think again.

What I found the next time:

Medical or dental methods are not available.
is able to destroy the gum-eating bacteria.
(and here’s why)

This isn’t something you’ll get from your dentist since they don’t care about being aware of this.

Typically, dentists recommend cleaning your teeth at least two times every day, flossing, or taking a dental scaling procedure to remove the tartar and bacteria…

Here’s the place where everything is going wrong…

No matter how thoroughly you brush your teeth of yours, at the very least 10 percent of the bacteria remain hidden within”gum pockets” “gum pockets”.


Since no conventional or modern dental cleaning method is able to reach the depths of…

Dental electronic toothbrushes do not have a chance of getting rid of the bacteria that eat teeth because they just deal with the tooth’s surface.

The floss you use for your teeth may be beneficial to remove dental debris, but it’s extremely harmful to your gums that are already inflamed…

Mouthwash could be able to cover all of the areas and penetrate deeper into the gums but isn’t sufficient to break the plaque. The only thing it does is smear your taste senses…

However, the process of dental scaling is the most extensive method for cleaning your teeth must be performed at least every week, mainly because bacteria spread quickly.

If repeated dental scaling can damage the enamel.

Without the enamel that protects your teeth, you’ll be screaming in pain, and I guarantee.

If your tooth is damaged and you’ve got enough money to get implants and are fortunate enough to have the procedure to be a successful success…guess what?

The bacteria are always able to cause an infection in the implant, which can cause gum inflammation and, in extreme cases, loss of bone in the jaw itself.

Additionally, keep in mind that even though a tooth appears great on the surface but the remaining 10 percent of bacteria are chewing its roots.


Each time you complete one of these things, The bacteria grow more resistant

1. Eating the hard stuff. Yes, I understand how it sounds. Every time you bite into it and the bacteria get more into yours. Why? because you exert a tremendous amount of pressure on your teeth – upwards of 141 pounds! consequently “sheltering ” the colony of termites that are deep within your gums.

2. the Same situation occurs in the evening if you grind on your teeth. Chances you’re doing in your sleep are extremely high, as close to 50 percent of Americans suffer from this problem but few are aware of it.

What is the most likely to be strong enough?
To get the bacteria in to destroy the bacteria and remove the plaque?

It was a bit of a mess. But not too long.

When I had the pleasure of meeting an extremely reputable doctors:

Doctor S. T.

I’m using only his initials, in order to protect the identity of his client…

Anyway, S.T. visited every day in the library to read a lot of books about plants and herbaceous plants.

He smiled so beautifully that I couldn’t resist a look at him every time he said hello to us.

One time, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking:

“I’m sorry to be bothering me, however, I just couldn’t overlook your teeth. I’m sure you’ve done many tasks to complete. …”

“Actually, none at all.”

So, we started discussing.

Dr. S.T. was retired for two years, and if you asked him to describe the one thing he’d learned during the 40 years of research in medical science was plants were superior to drugs.

His perfect teeth were due to a homemade smooth “bubble gum” that he’d taken every morning to chew.

After hearing all this, I started sharing my own story.

The horrible night when I nearly fell to my death from my gums, my tooth as well as all the embarrassment and pain it caused me, the procedure…

What I discovered about the indestructible termite bacteria…

“You know…”

Dr. S.T. told me, after having listened attentively to every word I said…

There’s only one thing that can reach every part of your mouth that is located under your gums:

Your saliva.

Since I didn’t grasp what he was saying, S.T. continued…

“The most important function of saliva is to safeguard your gums and teeth.

It is antibacterial and has many minerals and proteins.

The saliva was created naturally to go to into every corner of your mouth. And it also goes deep beneath your gums.

This means that it has access, in other words, access to every place in which bacteria flourish.

The only issue is…its power isn’t enough.

Without any assistance, it will not be able to remove all tartar or combat the millions of multiplying bacteria on its own.

Then, it hit me.

The solution:

Making saliva into the most potent disinfectant, which can break down the tartar and kill all termite-causing bacteria.

How do you accomplish this?

After some reflection, S.T. helped me time and time again.

In the more than 40 years of research in the field, he has seen specific plants, herbs, and minerals four times more potent than morphine which can eliminate the pain of tooth abscesses or migraines…

The anti-bacterial ingredients that caused canker sores to disappear within hours, while also causing affected tissues to heal over the course of the next day…

The main requirement was to discover the best herb, plant, and mineral which would blend perfectly with saliva to turn it into a powerful weapon against termite bacteria.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely to be extremely curious and eager to learn more about the ultimate treatment for teeth rejuvenation including…

Most important…

What is it that makes it function and why does it perform so flawlessly?

Pay attention to us to the fact that we didn’t find a “trick” that repairs your gums and teeth…

However, something so impressive, anyone, not even S.T. Dr. S.T. believed was even…

Now, for the first time we are able to share the revolutionary secret behind the way this unique tooth-fortifying product works:

We have sourced more than 29 top ingredients from the purest locations like the Alps
mountains of Europe and these fertile areas of India along with western China and also from the most beautiful
plants located in South Africa, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

Furthermore, following extensive laboratory testing, each of the potent herbs, plants, and minerals utilized contain
proved to be 100% effective with this formula, and specially calculated and adjusted in order to prove it.
Your body absorbs the nutrients and treats your body from within, and also boosts your saliva which in turn makes
this ultimate dental weapon:

The first step will be to remove the tartar and plaque that have caused gum loosening and create a cozy habitat that is ideal for termite bacteria.

Following more than 79 tests and trials we’ve discovered that the most efficient and speediest method of doing this was through the use of the form of Berberine

This potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant herb has been found to fight off harmful
microorganisms such as bacteria as well as viruses, fungi, and parasites.

There are also no negative side effects, Dr. S.T. stated :

“It’s one ingredient and everyone both under 40 or over should take – as the effects are nothing short of a miracle. “

However, since this is an extremely important tooth-rejuvenating procedure We added two more ingredients:

Turmeric is a well-known antimicrobial herb that has been proven to reduce plaque and bacteria.
and inflammation, sometimes and inflammation can be more effective than traditional mouthwashes.

Also, Milk Thistle has been proven to heal liver damage that is caused by metals, such as arsenic and mercury as well as cadmium and lead.

What is the significance of this?

The solution is easy heavy metal toxicity can be an extremely serious problem, leading to
Brain damage is a common issue and many people are unaware of the possibility of this. However, amalgam dental fillings may contain.

This is why Milk Thistle plays a very crucial role in cleansing and cleansing your mouth and body of these harmful metals.

The second step involves identifying the colonies of bacteria and eliminating them by submerging them in cleansing substances that also combat inflammation and bleeding.

This sounds simple enough, but I’m here to bet you that it isn’t.

We have come up with a formidable trio from Artichoke, Chanca Piedra – a herb that Dr. S.T. particularly comes through the forest areas from South America and Red Raspberry.

The three ingredients in this list are packed with minerals and vitamins, including vitamin C folate, vitamin K, folate,
magnesium and phosphorus which are essential agents for purification and are particularly
vital for mouth problems.

The 3rd step third step, which is crucial, is to strengthen your gums to heal your wounds and strengthen the teeth’s roots.

To achieve this, we’ve utilized Yarrow – – which according to research from King’s College
London could stimulate fibroblasts. These are the cells responsible for the regeneration of connective tissue.
tissues and helping your body to heal from injuries.

The second ingredient that can be used to heal injuries includes beetroot.

There is no doubt that, contrary to popular belief of Beetroot stain your teeth, it is important to be aware that this plant is actually beneficial to your health.
Actually, it can stop tooth decay, as has been proven recently by most recent research in medicine out of The Netherlands.

The body converts the beetroot into nitric oxygen, which boosts saliva’s healing powers,
and reduces the growth of bacteria that produce acid. and slows the growth of acid-producing bacteria.

The fourth step will be to strengthen the tooth caps by filling the teeth up with vitamins and minerals. This is similar to fixing cracked walls.

The best ingredients for achieving this goal as quickly as is feasible include Dandelion, Alfalfa, Jujube
Zinc and seeds:

Dandelion greens contain a significant amount of different minerals, such as calcium, iron,
potassium and magnesium

Alfa reduces sensitivity and also strengthens the teeth

The Jujube seeds, native to Southern Asia are especially high in vitamin C, which is a vital vitamin with antioxidant and immune-boosting properties.

However, zinc is a trace mineral, it is naturally found in saliva. It has been demonstrated to combat
against the spread of plaque and bacteria. against the growth of plaque and bacteria – here’s the best part:

Zinc is also essential to enhance your senses of smell and taste. A Zinc deficiency could greatly affect your ability to taste and smell.

Don’t worry, as soon as you can enjoy a delicious steak or a tasty lava cake, as if it was your first time having them!

The 5th step will cleanse and detoxify your digestive tract and regulate the mouth bacteria by using a potent blend consisting of Chicory Root, Celery Seed, Burdock Root, and Yellow Dock.

Each of these plants plays a significant role in reducing inflammation and improving the absorption of calcium for teeth that are strong and steel.

The sixth and final step toward complete and complete restoration of your oral health is to create an impenetrable layer for your gums and teeth which makes them nearly indestructible to any future food or bacteria.

In order to achieve this, we’ve included the Grape Seed Extract that stops the spread of common
foodborne bacteria, – that is rich in gingerol, and is very effective in fighting bacteria
as well as preventing infection. and prevents infection. – which functions as an effective natural pain relief without the negative side effects of the common drugs.

In order to profit from the latest developments regarding medicine to our
formula, we’ve added a few powerful amino acids like Methionine in addition to L Cysteine.
that play a crucial function in your body’s detoxification process. They play a vital role in detoxification.

There are no toxic substances in the body, so no infections, isn’t it?

Today, I’m not sure how S.T. was willing to share his knowledge and helped me collect all the potent components…

Perhaps it was due to my personal story…

Perhaps because of his love for natural solutions…

Perhaps because, while working in the medical profession He had witnessed enough dentists filling their
pockets of cash and putting innocent people in the trust after costly and risky procedures…

One thing is for certain we have created an amazing team.

He, a jogger “natural alternative Encyclopedia “…

Me is, with all my knowledge of chemistry, I am ready to test every interaction between me and
saliva and the different plants and herbs he found…

We worked all midnight, testing up to the dawn in S.T. ‘s lab at home…

We must ensure that we have exactly the right amount and most effective mix of components ….

And there were instances when I was so exhausted that I was able to vomit but, at the end, here it was:
the solution that has all-powerful, 100 herbal, 100% natural plants, herbs minerals, anti-bacterial and other nutrients.

Naturally, I was the first to experience it.

The first day after I did not feel any way.

Maybe the hope was something I believed I’d lost for good!

When I awoke the next day, I could tell that something had changed.

There was no blood after I had brushed. I couldn’t believe it was my first experience in many months I didn’t vomit blood as in horror movies.

In the days following, I was amazed by the sight over half the plaque was gone…

Then, shortly after my heart stopped My front tooth was not moving anymore.

As I was observing my progress, made a list of 20 people I knew suffering from various types of
gum disease, and asked them to test our treatment.

Everyone accepted the offer immediately and there was no need to quit there
Our home, where we personally delivered the ingredients we picked to strengthen their teeth.

Each of them received a daily report to monitor their performance.

I was ready to wait for at least a week to see the initial reports to be returned.

What happened next was truly amazing…

Even after 3 or 4 days, I received phone after phone from all the participants in the study and claims. Their gums and their teeth felt like new

They were shocked.

I was shocked by how quickly it was that my tooth swelling, gum pain and gum pain disappeared…

In truth, I woke up in the morning and did not feel any pain or metal taste or smell within my mouth…

I thought for a moment it was a dead body!

More quickly than I had thought my gums had tightened again and were completely reattached with my tooth…

It was as if my gum disease never occurred.

Furthermore, the shade of my tooth was light…

And my wife said that I was not grinding my teeth during my sleeping…

My life was totally normal! I was finally able to smile and eat whatever I pleased…and no one would ever look at me because of the way my teeth looked!

It was not only my fault…

When I decided to gather the information from other subjects of my first study…

The results I observed were amazing!

No one has reported tooth discomfort or gum inflammation, plaque, or the smell of bad smell…

And , most importantly, No loose teeth.

Even Dr. S.T. has never seen anything like it.

We knew we couldn’t keep this life-saving technique to us…

The suffering must be put to an end!

We wanted to share our findings with the widest possible audience.

Therefore, we’ve developed a scientifically proven, all-natural supplement that is available to anyone suffering from dental decay or gum disease.

It’s called:

Steel Bite Pro

The 100% natural solution that you can use to rebuild your gums and teeth starts today.

After all bacteria have been removed, Seel Bite Pro will aid you to…

Stop bleeding gums and receding gums as you restore their youthful appearance and feel…

Stop the infection and pain (this alone can help you save thousands of dollars in painful root canals as well as other dental costs);

Let the scummy plaque build-up fall off your teeth

Get rid of gingivitis and periodontal conditions;

Eliminate stinky mouth and embarrassing situations caused by it.

Have the peace of mind of having healthier teeth and fewer cavities.

Never throw all your money at dental implants or the risk of nerve damage or face paralysis…

Never, ever will you need to go to your dentist.

Do not have to throw away all your money.

To make Steel Bite Pro, we’ve chosen only the purest and top-quality 23 herbs, plants,
minerals and vitamins weighed the exact amount required and then put them in an easy-to-use
Consume capsules and swallow them once each day.

Every capsule is produced in the USA at our FDA certified as well as GMP certified facility.
Clean, precise, and strict standards, which means you can be confident that the product is secure, clean and of the best quality.

Additionally, Steel Bite Pro capsules are not genetically modified.
They don’t contain toxic stimulants or poisons, and they aren’t in any way habit-forming.

Steel Bite Pro is not only Steel Bite Pro revolutionary in the way it operates…

It can however be utilized by anyone of all ages, regardless of the medical situation…

Even after decades of decline and neglect.

So far, more than 57,000 Americans similar to you have already tried Steel Bite Pro. Steel Bite Pro
in person or you shared it with a dear one.

All over the results are astounding:

Gabriel Backer 40 y. o.

From Baltimore, Maryland

“No more bleeding gums and I still can’t believe I got rid of cavities! And to think how easy it was. I’ve been using Steel Bite Pro for three weeks now and I’ll share it with everyone I know! “

Loretta Martin 48 y. o.

New Orleans, Louisiana,

“I was terrified to take a bite of food. Always cut my food into tiny bits and chewed with care. After only 1 week with Steel Bite Pro, I finally decided to indulge in my favorite food, beefsteak.
It was a major triumph for me. “

Dameon Sanders, 52, y. o.

Flint, Michigan,

“I don’t think there’s a worse pain than tooth pain. I couldn’t focus at work or enjoy my free time and I was hooked on painkillers. Now it’s like I’ve got my life back. No more pain, it just feels so good “

The only thing you need to do to experience the same results in your life starts making use of it the earliest you can.

The answer is much easier than you think.

You can also gain access to everything within the next 90 minutes.

With the above is clear that Steel Bite Pro dominates any other choice for “fixing” gum disease…

There is nothing else that has did not work…

In contrast, Steel Bite Pro is 100% natural and percent effective way to eliminate harmful bacteria present in your gums, threatening to send your teeth to dental decay…

Of course, you can visit a dentist who’ll scream at you with unnatural plaque cleansing techniques such as scaling your dental teeth… techniques that don’t address the root of your gum disease and remove any termite bacteria…

Maybe he’ll even make you pay for costly long-lasting treatments such as gum grafts, pockets elimination surgeries… procedures that doctors cannot guarantee they’ll work. Good luck in getting your insurance to cover the cost of hundreds of thousands!

Then, your dentist might recommend replacing your teeth with implants which cost $4,500 each, and you must be patient for a year to determine if the procedure was successful. success…not to mention the termite bacteria may still trigger an infection in the area around the implant.

It’s possible to hope for a miracle cure in specific toothpastes, or even fake “gum strengthening” creams- however, they’ll never have the strength to provide the cure you’ve been hoping for.

They all waste time, money, and energy, and you’re aware of it!

They’ll never make you feel very far in one millennium…

Contrary to Steel Bite Pro that can complete the task within less than three weeks, and keep your teeth and gums safe from any future dental problems…

You’ll see the reason why Dr. S.T. and I first decided to set the price of Steel Bite Pro at $399.

It’s less expensive that a gum graft procedure…

Most certainly, it’s a lot cheaper than an implant in the dental area…

In addition, with SteelBite Pro, you won’t be in danger of infection or be a victim of nerve damage since it’s completely safe and has no side effects…

When you look at all that you will soon be evident why I, and the over 57,000 users who have utilized Steel Bite Pro personally… believe that $399 is a bargain.

But This Is Not About Us Making A Profit

I’ve witnessed personally how this Steel Bite Pro gave me my life back and got rid of all the humiliation and pain. ….

How can I avoid having to sleep through the night thinking about whether my teeth will break or not, or if there’s an infection that may cause brain damage and take my life within a couple of days…

And, I’m aware of the agony feeling of having a sick child and being broke…with little money for medical expenses
Take care of your health…

This is the reason I’m not going to ask you to spend anything near the $399 that I was originally planning to sell this for…

Even $299, $199, or even $99.

In addition and only for as long as this website is still active… that may not last long considering the enormous threat it presents to pharmaceutical giants and dental corporations…

Steel Bite Pro

You can get your very own 30-day supply of Steel Bite Pro
for a one-time 100% risk free investment of $69.

That’s right. Just $69!





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Before you purchase you should remember this to consider: having thoroughly researched every ingredient in Steel Bite Pro, and testing it dozens of times I suggest you try the supplement for at most one month.

On the other side, it’s about giving your body time to digest and take full benefit from all plant extracts, and consistently destroy every single colony of bacteria.

So your teeth can take in all the nutrients and minerals which could reverse decades and years of damage to your dental…

However, Steel Bite Pro is selling extremely quickly and, once it’s gone we will need approximately 6-9 months to make another batch.

Not just because we’re using only the purest of ingredients but additionally, the moment an ingredient has been scientifically proven to work well, such as Berberine Big Pharmaceutical Companies buy up everything they can from this plant, and then claim it’s only for “research” purposes.

They charge such a steep price that they’re creating a fake shortage.

Berberis the tree that Berberine is extracted, is difficult to find on the open landscape.

If there are some Berberis farms around and even fewer cultivate it without chemical use and the majority have a lot of money in their pockets today thanks to pharmaceutical firms that buy all their crops ahead of time.

It’s possible to find bottles at an organic store but these products aren’t pristine or aren’t inspected with the proper quality control in order to make up for the loss in profits due to the cost of ingredients.

Therefore you’re fortunate If Steel Bite Pro is still in stock at present.

You are wondering what?

I would like you to make the most of how amazing the Steel Bite Pro is, and in the process, you can save as much as it is possible to save on your investment in health!

I urge you to make sure you benefit from the incredible Steel Bite Pro can be and, at same, you can make the most savings possible on the health investments you make!

Because I understand how hard to deal with the pain of teeth throbbing, swelling gums that are bleeding as well as unpleasant breath…

I’ve put together a discount package comprising six bottles of Steel Bite Pro for you. It costs just $49 for each bottle and a total price of $294. It’s being available today only… until while supplies last. Additionally, you will receive free shipping when you purchase from our website.

When we’re out of bottles The “BUY NOW” buttons will not work until we can make another batch (which will take about a month at the most).

Select the 6-bottle pack (or the other one you’d like) below to place your purchase.

Think of this as the small, yet the most effective investment you’ve ever done for yourself!

It’s true, 1 bottle of Steel Bite Pro might stop bleeding gums and receding gums as you restore their healthy appearance as well as feel ….

3 bottles could suffice to end the discomfort and infection which could save you thousands of dollars on painful root canals as well as other dental expenses. It can also remove all of the filthy plaque off the teeth…

However, 6 bottles of Steel Bite Pro will tighten your gums lose and strengthen the roots of your teeth and strengthen the crowns of your teeth and transform your saliva into extremely sturdy protection for your teeth and gums, rendering them impervious to the future occurrence of bacteria or food particles!

You might be thinking,
“OK I’m intrigued. This sounds fantastic and I’m intrigued!
How can I begin?”

Click here to buy after selecting the right package for your needs and you’ll be on our secure payment page.

Input your payment details and place your payment, place the… then within seven days from now you’ll receive Steel Bite Pro delivered to your house!


Steel Bite Pro





$99 $69

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$594 $294

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$297 $177

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There is nothing at all to put at risk since You are also protected with our 60 Days “100% Healthy Or Money Back” Guarantee.

Here’s how it works…

1. Why and how does Steel Bite Pro work?

This process is fairly simple…

Gum decay, tooth decay, or bad breath has nothing to do with being related to how well your oral health of your, however, they are caused by a deadly bacteria that is buried in your gums. They eat away at your gums and spread like a famine into your nose, throat, and airways.

The methods used to clean your teeth cannot reach the areas where harmful bacteria lurks. And the only thing that can get to the place where bacteria hides is saliva.

The only way to do this is to transform your saliva into a potent disinfectant and teeth strengthening agent using only natural, yet powerful ingredients.

The method described above is cost-effective and doesn’t cause any adverse effects and is extremely effective!

2. Does this procedure apply to everyone?

Yes! Steel Bite Pro is non-invasive safe and completely risk-free. It was created to be used by people of any age and with medical issues.

3. When should I start taking Steel Bite Pro?

We suggest taking two capsules every day along with large glasses of water.

It is possible to take them anytime you feel at ease – whether in the morning or afternoon or even later in the evening after an eventful day and then did not remember it.

4. What kinds of results should I anticipate to get?

More than 57,000 users have already used Steel Bite Pro, and the results have been amazing.

But, it is contingent on how fast your body reacts to ingredients in the protocol.

Certain people notice changes quicker and others require more time.

Therefore, you should give at minimum three weeks for the dramatic change.

5. What is the duration this program will be available?

I’m not able to provide an exact answer to this question.

I’d like to see it continue for the rest of my life, however, these pharmaceutical firms are getting more hostile to me and they are now threatening me.

When my family members are in danger I’ll be forced to take the website off the internet.

This means that you should take advantage of this program as soon as possible particularly since there’s absolutely no risk to you as I’ll show in a moment…

6. What’s the deal with that guarantee?

Therefore, the reason there’s no risk to the user is that they have 60 days to test Steel Bite Pro for themselves.

If for any reason in the following two months, you’re not happy just contact me via email (I’ll include my email address in the message) and I’ll promptly back your entire purchase without any questions asked. There is no dentist who will make that promise.

7. I’m ready to buy! What do I do now?

It’s easy Choose your plan by clicking one of the options below and then try the complete program yourself, for 60 days with virtually no risks.

If you’re unhappy with your purchase for whatever reason whatsoever, then you’ll get the opportunity to get a refund promptly, without the need to ask…

Steel Bite Pro





$99 $69

  • Free Shipping*





$594 $294

  • Free Shipping*





$297 $177

  • Free Shipping*